Schedule (US/Eastern time unless otherwise noted):

  1. USA Lightline - Sunday and Tuesday, 2pm. Online call-in option
  2. Netherlands Lightline - Monday, 3pm
  3. Lightline El Salvador (Spanish) - Sunday, 7:30pm (5:30pm Phoenix, AZ time)
  4. Lightline France (French) - Friday, 8pm Central European Time (CET)
  5. Lightline USA/EU - Wednesday, 3pm
  6. Lightline EspaƱa (Spanish) - Thursday, 8pm Central European Time (CET)
  7. Saturday Lightline - Saturday, 2pm

The player on this page is enabled during the streaming of the Lightline call. If the player is not working at the scheduled time, please refresh the page, or look on the Forum for more info.